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Spiritual Tools Shoppe is a latina owned business based in Los Angeles, CA. Bringing wisdom from the spiritual foundations of the ancestors, to you. Check out our links below, signup for our newsletter and stay connected.

About Racquel TW

Racquel TW is a spiritual chiropractor, poet, and advisor from Los Angeles, California. She is of Apache & Chumash Native American and Latinx American descent. She had the privilege of holistic living being passed down from her ancestors and considers it a sacred honor and privilege. 

 She had begun a yoga practice and later went onto teach, which gave her a peaceful foundation and new confidence in public speaking. Amidst her soul searching she found additional practices that aided in returning her to her center of peace.  It was at this time in her early 20’s that she went onto receive her Reiki Master certification.

She hopes to give back the gifts that the magic of words have bestowed upon her life so freely and that you may see and know the brilliance of them in your own, for all of your moments.


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